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Trust Us For 30 Days

Get Fit, Feel Great, And Move Better In 30 Days


Our 30-day experience is your chance to experience our unique approach to fitness and membership. You’ll get to know the people, the place and way things work before you make a longer commitment.

Everybody starts their Fitbody Fitness journey this way. For us, it’s an opportunity to learn about you, your body and your fitness goals. And, hopefully, it’s the foundation for greater things.

30 Day trial ONLY £99



Body Composition Analysis

On your first session you’ll have the option to have a full body composition assessment using our sophisticated scanning machine.

Nutrition Support

We’ll provide nutrition guidance and habit-coaching so you can master your eating habits, and begin to make a change that sticks. …Without becoming a health freak.

Beyond the Gym

Support like you’ve never had before. From social support from our community, to daily check-ins and a Member’s Portal full of resources to help you get the little things right. Our coaches – and the Fitbody community – have your back

10 PT Sessions

We offer 36 small group personal training sessions per week which blend flexibility, strength and high-intensity exercises that are tailored to your own level by a professional coach.

Movement Screening

We’ll also assess your movement one-on-one so we can personalise the programme based on your ability.

Team Training Group Sessions

Want more? You’ll have unlimited access to our high intensity team training classes where we can monitor your performance live using state of the art myzone which accurately and conveniently monitor your physical activity.
My fbf journey started in January 2018 and I’ve never looked back.
My biggest regret is not having a before picture/measurements as I’ve lost weight & inches, feeling stronger and buying clothes 2 sizes smaller.
One thing I love is there’s no ego’s, no-one cares how you look pre & post workouts. Yes messy hair and sweat stains aren’t flattering but no-one judges me when I walk out of the sessions absolutely wrecked but always with a smile on my face.
Yes I still struggle, desperately wanting to stop on certain stations when we’re only 30 seconds in but you push & encourage me to keep going. You don’t do it cos your mean, you do it because you care and you know deep down that I can do it and should have more belief in myself.
This adventure which has only just begun as I’ve still a way to go but its given me more confidence than I’ve ever had before. You motivate me inside and outside the gym and I really owe a lot of my success to you. My goal is in site thanks to you so all I have left to say is Fitbody Fitness is Life Changing x Lisa Beattie

3 dresses dropped in 15 weeks

This has to be the most life changing set of classes. I have just finished my first 8 weeks of the biggest loser and I’ve lost 19.5 inches all round. Darren and Jack are amazing trainers and the best motivators. The people in the classes are just amazing and I really feel like I have made new friends. You never get bored, you never feel self conscious and the facilities are fantastic. Get yourself there!!! Hazel Carroon

19.5 inches lost in 8 weeks

As a middle aged man ( nearer 60 than 50!) I gave up smoking to be healthier. I put on two and a half stones, was tired, uncomfortable in my clothes and generally a miserable unfit sod! I joined Fit body fitness after talking to Darren and he couldn’t have been more helpful in getting me into the right class, giving me advice on diet and encouraging me in the classes. Thought I would stand out as an old unfit big bloke, but couldn’t be further from the truth – a great welcoming group with no egos. Now I’m comfortable in my clothes, lots of energy, sleeping better and according to my missus and family I’m no longer a miserable sod! Still working at it, but look forward to the classes and Darren keeps investing in kit that just encourages you on your own personal journey. Smiley face Mark Entwisle

20lbs lost in 12 weeks

I joined FBF in January 2018 hoping it could help me lose some weight. It was quite daunting walking into the place for the first time but Darren soon put me at ease a pointed me in the right direction. The people that use the gym are a fantastic bunch, both friendly and encouraging.
Darren and now Jack are both on hand to answer any questions and keep you motivated during every session. The sessions are great and you just go at your own pace
So 6 months on I can honestly say walking through that door has been the best decision I have made in a long time. I’ve lost 68lb up to now and have found a new lease of life. Brian Duggan

Over 30kg lost so far

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30 Day trial ONLY £99

Who is Fitbody Fitness For?
Fitbody fitness prides it self on its very well known reputation of being not like any other ‘gyms’, with boring cardio machines and where you often left alone to workout by yourself.

You will be made very welcome the minute you walk through our doors and made feel part of a strong community where everyone trains as a team.

There is no egos or mirrors in the facility, only thing we can promise you  is you will meet alot of new friends who are all on the same journey as you, and we guarantee we will bring out the inner at athlete in you, through our challenging , fun workouts.

What is Small-Group Personal Training?
Small-Group PT offers the best of both worlds. You get the individualised coaching, expertise and guidance associated with personal training and you also get the social support, energy and camaraderie that’s found in group training. It’s far more economical than old-school 1-1 training, and the group environment means more fun, more support, and getting that little bit more from yourself.
How many people are there in Small-Group Personal Training session?
There’ll be around 4 members to one coach. We’ve found that this 4:1 ratio is the most effective to allow us to benefit from the group dynamic whilst still providing you with the individualized coaching you expect from personal training.
How do you group people in the sessions?
Simple – you simply choose the training time that best fits your life, and you can expect up to 3 other people to be there alongside you in your session. Because we individualise our coaching to your level, the sessions work well with participants who have different goals and training experience.
When can I train?
We have sessions available on the hour Monday to Friday 6am-11am and 5pm-8pm

On saturdays  its 7am-11am

How does booking work?
We have an app and online booking system that allows for flexible booking.  Once your trial has been set up, you’ll be able to log in and simply book the sessions that best fit your routine.
What sort of exercises will I be doing?
Our cutting-edge programmes blend flexibility, strength-training and high-intensity training with exercises that are tailored to your level by our professional coaches.  We also provide opportunities to challenge yourself periodically so that you know for sure that it’s working.
I'm interested in signing up, what happens next?
Great!  Complete the short form above and I will give you a call to invite you in.

Your Strategy Session is a 1-1 session with a coach in which we get to know each other a little more.  We’ll chat through your where you’re at and where you’re looking to get to.  Then we’ll walk you through a mini coaching session in the gym which helps us tailor the programme for you and gradually introduces you to the type for exercises we’ll being doing together.

After that, we’ll also show you how to use our booking system and get you set up for your first PT sessions.  Your 30-Day Trial will begin from your first session after your Strategy Session.

What happens / what are the prices after my trial?
Following your 30-Day Trial, if you feel we’re not the right fit for you, you can take what you’ve learned and walk away.  You are not tied into any on-gonig payments and there is nothing to cancel.

Of course we’d love to to continue your momentum with us and we will work together to find the right type of membership for you.  Our membership prices range from £89 – 249 per month depending on the level of access and support you want.

30 Day trial £99